Angry Jew – Slideshow from Droidcoin Tel-Aviv 2014 confrence

This is the slideshow (without the movies) we’ve been presenting in the Droidcoin Tel-Aviv 2014. Stages in developing our first mobile game- Angry Jew Speakers: Edo Frenkel && Gil Elnekave We will talk about the stages in developing our first mobile game – Angry Jew, technical crossroads and dilemmas, In a humoristic approach. The game […]

קמפיין האגיס

  שותף בפיתוח מערכת לקמפיין – צילומי האופנה של האגיס ג’ינס  

Angry Jew – 2D Platromer game for mobile

A new game i’m working on with two friends is out in a few months or so. meanwhile the trailer is already on youtube… and this is what Heeb Magazine thinks: The biggest video game news of the year might just be this 32 second clip from a mysterious “Angry Jew” platformer here is the […]

Tips: Yii framework as server-side for mobile apps

introduction I thought to share some tips from my expirience of using Yii Framework as a server-side for mobile apps. if you got more tips, you can post it in the comments, i’m sure it will help more developers. 1/// Ajax calls, the easy way because you dont always have access to the mobile code […]

קוארבו ישראל

פרוייקט מעניין ל-קוארבו ישראל שכלל עדכון קובץ פלאש כדי לשנות את התוכן כך שיתאים לארץ מבחינת הבקבוקים שמשווקים כאן. אז Meet The Familia או כמו שאומרים אצלנו – פגשו את המשפוחה 🙂


A jQuery Plugin that lets you manipulate the shape of video on canvas. Demo: Download: jCanvas ======= A jQuery plugin that lets you manipulate the shape of video on canvas (requiere html5) demo: How to use ========== copy the jcanvas folder which include also images folder. don’t change this structure. in your HTML file […]

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