King Egg – Game prototype

A new game prototype we** have developed just for fun…King Egg. You need to balance this cute egg on a hill. otherwise you’ll end up as聽an omelet. and i’m a vegan, so please be good at this game. Download King Egg on Google Play ** Avishai de Vries – Artwork and Animations Daniel Marmari – […]

Angry Jew – Slideshow from Droidcoin Tel-Aviv 2014 confrence

This is the slideshow (without the movies) we’ve been presenting in the Droidcoin Tel-Aviv 2014. Stages in developing our first mobile game- Angry Jew Speakers: Edo Frenkel && Gil Elnekave We will talk about the stages in developing our first mobile game – Angry Jew, technical crossroads and dilemmas, In a humoristic approach. The game […]

1st place at Intel RealSense Hackathon

Zim is a game prototype developed in a day by Gil Elnekave and Edo Frenkel. The game was developed during an Intel RealSense Hackathon, and won first prize.

Introduce TinyDrop – Unity3D atlas optimization

TinyDrop is a PHP script which use Dropbox API and TinyPNG API to optimize automatically聽your Unity3D atlases. What was the problem in the first place? We’ve got a game called “Angry Jew” – Site | Facebook page Now, for Android if you pass the 50MB the user needs to download another extention of your app. […]